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An engineer in the making, a consistent learner, and full of enthusiasm. Pursuing B. Tech in IT. Writes about self-improvement, fitness, and sometimes money.

This world will be a better place.

Photo by Marius Venter from Pexels

I hope one day,
Countries will stop fighting for land and sea,
And try to make the world a better place.

I hope one day,
The Indian subcontinent will unite again,
And regain its lost glory.
India and China will put down their guns,
To share their ideas as they did before.
North and South Koreans
Can walk across the 38th parallel again.

I hope one day,
The political leaders will debate for the country,
Instead of just gaining the power.

The peace provided by the war, Is just a result of the extreme devastation. We’ve got a lot of…

Three steps that I used to detoxify my brain

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

You might be struggling to do the hard things, or at least the stuff you are supposed to do, be it preparing for the test you have to take tomorrow, or an assignment you have to submit. You are procrastinating. But not anymore, because I am going to show you a strategy that will help you to never procrastinate again. You will not have to force yourself to study or work.

By taking the three simple steps that you will learn here, preparing for that final exam, or working on your side hustle is going to be much easier. I…

3 key factors that determine your calisthenics journey

Photo by Vlad Chețan from Pexels

If you have read my previous pieces you’d know that I am a big fan of calisthenics. I can’t do anything about that. But what I can do is, tell you the checklist you must ensure while getting into or even maintaining your calisthenics journey.

Calisthenics is all about mastering your body. Mastering your body involves strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility.

There are 3 fundamental points you must keep in mind while performing calisthenics exercises. With no further due, let’s dive in.


In almost any calisthenics exercise you do, you can’t ignore this key factor. …

Your choices decide whether your life is a success or is it a failure

Image by PixxlTeufel from Pixabay

If we try to boil everything that happens to us down to a single thing, a single core-controlling factor of all the results that take place in our lives, what will it come down to?

It’s only one thing that determines whether you are going to live in a luxurious apartment or a slum, live the life you wanted to, or live the life you are being wanted to. It all comes down to choices. The choices you make every single time.

It was my choice of not abiding by what my dad said about not playing too aggressive sports…

4 simple pieces of advice that will make your calisthenics journey easier.

Photo by Bas Masseus from Pexels

Not everyone in fitness would want to learn calisthenic skills but everyone into calisthenics definitely wants to learn at least some of those intriguing skills like the muscle-up, handstand, flags, levers, or the beast, the planche.

I have also learned some of the calisthenic skills like the dragon flag, the L-sit, skills mostly based on the core strength, and currently working on handstand and building up my straight arm strength to train for some advanced skills like the human flag and front and back lever.

With myself involved in strength and skill training, I think I can provide some valuable…

Some of them may even have a butterfly effect on your life

Photo by Fernando Brasil on Unsplash

Often we find ourselves searching for a whole new remedy to our problems in the external world. But the fact is, the solution to our problem lies within ourselves.

Sometimes a lot of problems in our lives take place due to our bad habits, which we have developed over time. Though it’s too difficult to get rid of the old habits, it is very much possible to build up some new habits to tackle the old ones. And maybe in the process you get rid of some of the bad old habits too.

Following are 12 simple but effective habits…

There are broadly 4 types of training methods

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

Many people I see going to the gym just know that they want to get stronger and bigger. They don’t know how to get there. They do everything from intense cardio to powerlifting without knowing what their main objective is.

You don’t need to know the exact path at the beginning, but you must at least know what type of training you should aim for. Many people don’t know how to structure a workout because they don’t know what type of training is optimal for them.

Though it’s difficult to suggest an exact workout plan for any type of training…

5 legit ways to invest in yourself for great long-term returns.

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

Investing in “material” things is risky, we all might be familiar with the bursting of the housing bubble and the stock market crash, new technologies can rise and shine like anything as if there’s no tomorrow and can crash in a matter of weeks.

If you aren’t familiar with technology rising and crashing case, you must definitely check out the Dot-com bubble case.

That’s the nature of “material” investing.

But one investment that you can make and can guarantee no crash, is in yourself. No one can take it away from you. …

And how to avoid these mistakes

Photo by MIL-TECH PHARMA LTD on Unsplash

With the 2nd wave of COVID-19 hitting India and France being put under another lockdown, nobody knows who is going to be forced to adapt a home workout routine again.

I am sure that you have got a good idea of how to workout at home and set up a pretty good routine to follow. But with all that, you must make sure that you avoid some major mistakes that have the potential to even make you hate home workouts. And with no further due, let’s head over to the mistakes.

Avoiding the help from your surroundings

Many people struggle to target their back, perform dips…

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