Master Your Emotions With These 3 Tricks

Emotional intelligence is one of the major contributors to success.

Ankit Das


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Emotional intelligence has become very important to get successful, especially in leadership roles. If you are required to convince others to do a certain task, you can not let your emotions come in the way. But actually, you can’t deny your emotions.

So you need to know which strengths to turn to, how to approach your weak points, and how to direct your conversation so that the impact you have on others makes them respond constructively.

Following are three tricks that you can use to increase your emotional intelligence.

Re-evaluate your signs

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If you have noticed, then you must know how it feels like when you are nervous, your heart starts beating quickly, your stomach starts paining a little, right?

Well, most people negatively interpret stress, they associate these physical changes with emotional anxiety, like stress, but is that really true?

Suppose you are sitting for a test, what do you feel happening within your body? The same which we discussed above, your heart starts beating quickly, your stomach starts paining a little, right? And at this stage, you start thinking that you are nervous, you are stressed.

Now, what happens when you are on a roller coaster ride or while watching a horror movie? The same things happen, right? So, what about now? Do you still associate these feelings with nervousness or stress? No, you are excited and not nervous.

The problem is, we have wired ourselves in such an obscure way. If we start associating our feelings with positive things like the ones we discussed with excitement, things can go too different, you gain more confidence, your motivation level spikes up, and you can perform at your best.

A study has proven this too, where psychology researchers divided a group of students into two and were made to take a test, where the first group was left as it is, while the second group was suggested…



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